Your Online Profiles

Find more Social Media resources here.

Find more Social Media resources here.


Many sites, like Google, already have your profile. 

You need to claim them as yours. 

  1. Find out what profiles have been ‘claimed’ for your business at .
  2. Make sure your school is listed on the martial arts directories as well.
  3. Create a simple excel sheet to manage all of your accounts, for each of these sites that have profiles of your business.
  4. Claim the listings and gain access to each of the accounts that Get Listed shows you.
  5. Now it’s time to optimize each of the profiles.

Here ‘s a short checklist

  • Profile completed 100% – info should be
  • unique and very focused on customer
  • Maximum number of Photos – professional – happy, smiling students
  • Physical address
  • Establish your WNAPE (Website, Name, Address, Phone, Email)
  • Upload testimonial videos
  • Upload walk-through video
  • Use all five of your categories and claim with Google’s suggested results first
  • Reviews (Important)


  • Using 800 Numbers or tracking numbers
  • P.O. / UPS Boxes
  • Multiple Place Pages / location
    • Review useful Google Places links
    • Using Phone Number Tracking
    • Having multiple pages for one single
    • business in one single location

Simple enough, isn’t it?

Think McDonalds. 

They all look the same. 

You want to create a ‘template’ that you can drop into all of these profiles. 

Collect your images, videos, descriptions, categories, titles and descriptions!

Now get to work!