The New First Impression

The first impression you give to a prospect most likely will be your website. We know that over 70% of people search locally online and half of those searches are on Smartphone’s. If your regular site and your mobile site do not look good, then you’ve blown the critical first impression.

In many cases, the prospect has formed an impression based upon the online experience, so it’s important that both the online and brick-and-mortar locations are congruent and reflect each other well. If your site looks great and your office is a mess or the business needs remodeling, you’re creating barriers rather than eliminating them.

Studies show men form an opinion based on the first impression within 20 seconds, while women get there in 15. Those impressions speak to your prospects whether you know it or not. Make sure the message is the one you want them to receive.

On your own turf, you should have no problem setting yourself apart from the competitors in your city. From the prospects’ perspective, you and your competitors are the same unless something clearly sets one apart.

One of the most effective ways to win the perception battle is to look at the space inside and near your business as being made up of marketing ‘zones.’

Zone maximization is the planned, strategic use of the physical areas in and around your business. We will spend some time on these zones to increase business and revenues by influencing your business’ impression and using specific promotional messages or visuals in each zone.