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WEBINAR: How to Market and Manage a Successful Summer Camp

How to Market a Summer Camp

How to Avoid Code Violations

How to Keep a Summer Camp Engaging

Common Mistakes to Avoid with Your Summer Camp

What Kind of Field Trips Work and How to Set Them Up

How to Staff a Summer Camp

How to Make Martial Arts the Focus at a Summer Camp

How to Get Local School Support for Your Summer Camp

Why Sticking to Martial Arts is the Best Strategy

26 Years of Successful Summer Camps

The founder of the Transported After-School Martial Arts program, Jim King has been hosting and promoting successful summer camps for 26-years in the Orlando area. Learn how to structure and market a profitable summer camp without sacrificing the quality of your student or instructor burn out.

Webinar: Tuesday February 20th 2pm EST. Register now to hold your spot and submit a question for Jim King.

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