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Welcome to the Martial Arts Teachers' Association.

Featuring the MATA Professional Martial Arts Instructor Certification Program.

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What is the Martial Arts Teachers' Association (MATA)?

MATA is an International Professional Association for martial arts school owners and instructors.

Our Mission

  1. Help school attract more students.
  2. Help schools keep students coming back for more.
  3. Help schools create excellent black belts and instructors for the next generation.


Watch Joe Lewis and Bruce Lee teach sidekick on national TV as we break down the teaching styles so you can capture the best of both of these martial arts master teachers.

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Improve Student Retention and Engagement

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Learn Proven Systems for Every Aspect of Your School

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Complete Curriculum Programs

  • Pre-School Age (Little Dragons, Little Ninja age)
  • Children's
  • Grappling
  • Kick Boxing
  • Jhoon Rhee Curriculum (Old school)
  • Curriculum Design Principles
  • Belt Exam Strategies

Special Program Marketing & Management

  • Black Belt Club
  • Black Sash Club
  • Leadership Team
  • Demo Team
  • Competition Team
  • Little Dragons / Ninjas
  • After School Program
  • Masters Club
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Instructor Training and Certification

Why Certification?

You’ll learn how to work with children and parents. You’ll reduce risk and increase retention. Most of all, you will increase your professional standing in the eyes of your current student body and your community.

Rise Above the Competition

The world of martial arts is extremely competitive. You have so many schools all offering a similar benefits and competing to gain new students. How can one instructor stand out and differentiate from the crowd? By taking the extra step to rise above the competition and increase your professional education and standing in your community.

Learn More about MATA Certification

MATA Certification Graduates

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Blue Ridge Martial Arts, Bedford, VA. Debra Cirre, Sidney Burns, and Lorna Coyle

Offline Marketing

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Online Marketing

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Proven Leadership-John Graden Career Timeline

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2003–Author, The Truth About the Martial Arts Business

1998–Author, How to Open and Operate a Successful Martial Arts School

1996–Founder, The American Council on Martial Arts (ACMA)

1995–Founder – Martial Arts Professional Magazine

1993–Founder – National Association of Professional Martial Artists (NAPMA)

1987–Host and Producer of the USA Karate TV show

1986–Opened USA Karate

1985–Fighter and Coach for many World Champion WAKO USA Teams

2017–Author, Stop Any Bullying: A Family Plan For Taking Action

2016–Author, The Martial Arts Teachers’ Certification Manual

2015–Author, Who Killed Walt Bone?

2014–Founder, Empower Kickboxing

2012–Founder, Empower Boxing

2011–Author, The Art of Marketing Without Marketing

2008–Author, The Impostor Syndrome

2003–Founder, Martial Arts Teachers’ Association