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  • Frank Shamrock Frank Shamrock
    When I had my school, John Graden was my go to guy for help. MATA is a great organization and resource.
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  • Master Joseph Peterson Master Joseph Peterson Chosun Black Belt Academy of Tae Kwon Do
    It’s hard to believe I joined MATA as a lifetime member back in 2003! That is one of the best investments I ever made in my school. I still use MATA all of the time. It’s a great resource.
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  • Idriys Eyssallenne Idriys Eyssallenne
    I joined because I wanted to pursue my dream of teaching martial arts for a living. I can tell you this. MATA saved me from making massive mistakes that may have ended my dream before it started. Mr. Graden responds to questions really fast and follows up to make sure I'm on track.
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  • Joe Parker Joe Parker Modern Fighting Concepts
    I was paying nearly 10 times the $37 a month that I now pay for my MATA website. Working with him and getting the MATA membership on top of the website is a great deal. We’re very happy with the results.
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  • Aaron Wayne-Duke Aaron Wayne-Duke Galesburg Martial Arts Academy
    Our MATA website has been great. Enrolling students online has been a game changer for us. MATA has great resources and support for martial arts school owners! Mr. Graden changed the industry, let him help change your school for the better! Join MATA!
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  • Matt Fiddes Matt Fiddes Matt Fiddes Martial Arts
    In my view John Graden has been the main leader in the martial arts world--a true role model who practices what he preaches. He is a pioneer and not a follower. If it were not for him, many of us would just have normal day jobs. He is a great human being with a wonderful heart.
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The Most Comprehensive Universal Instructor Education Program in Martial Arts History.

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Earn a beautiful 11 x 17" diploma Upon Graduation.

What's in MATA?

  • Youtube Marketing Courses

    The is no better way to showcase the excitement of your martial art than to capture and distribute it on Youtube.com. That’s why we have courses specific to how to shoot, upload, and optimize videos on Youtube for maximum traffic to your school.

  • Facebook Marketing Courses

    Facebook is a game changer, but it’s also highly complex. That’s why we offer a wide range of courses on how to use Facebook to help build value for your school in the eyes of the thousands of prospects who are on Facebook everyday. 

  • Linkedin Marketing Courses

    Linkedin is not a place where you will market for moms and families. It is a place to find principals of local schools, owners of businesses that you can work with, and other leaders of your community. For instance, you can look for owners of home security companies to sponsor your self-defense seminars.

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  • Systems to Enroll Students

    Website Design and Optimization. A professional, mobile-ready, conversion-focused website is essential when potential students compare you against your competition.

  • Systems for Keeping More Students

    Attracting a potential student is only as good if you can move that person through a proven system to provide the best possible odds of enrolling.

  • Reporting to Monitor Your Marketing

    What gets measured gets done. Our automated reporting  will track your online marketing so you always know where to invest your efforts.

  • Marketing and Management Education

    We constantly create new content including videos, audios, interviews, and marketing materials to cover all aspects of your school.

  • Prospect Intake System Training

    Learn how to build value for your school in a short conversation that will help to move callers from strangers to students consistently.

  • Curriculum Review and Design

    Learn how to create and teach a curriculum that will keep students coming back for more.

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