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Our online certification is the most comprehensive system to generate more income & draw more students to your martial arts or self-defense programs.

The MATA Certification was authored by 20+ veteran black belts who are also experts in their respective fields such as psychology, pedagogy, movement science, motivation, and communication.

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What You Will Learn

Click each section to see the contents. You can’t get this information anywhere else!

Section I: The Science of Teaching

1. How to Teach Martial Arts Skills by Dr. Ann Boyce, Ph. D.

2. How to Structure Your Curriculum by John Graden

3. How to Reduce Student Drop Out by John Graden

Section III: Psychology

12. Teaching Strategies by Age Group by Dr. Derenda Timmons Schubert, Ph. D.

13. How to Instill a Sense of Purpose in Your Students by Joe Lewis

14. How to Create a Healthy Hierarchy System by John Donohue, Ph.D.

15. The Power of Motivation and Charisma by Brian Tracy

16. Discipline, Praise, and Punishment by Gianine D. Rosenblum, Ph.D.

17. Teaching Character Skills Responsibly by Scot Conway, Esquire

18. Teaching Students with ADHD byDr. Derenda Timmons Schubert, Ph. D.

19. Working with Parents by Dr. Don Korzekwa, Ph. D.

Section II: Physiology

4. How to Conduct a Proper Warm-Up by Sarah Chung, M.A.

5. The Proper Execution of Calisthenics by Sharon B. Spalding, M. Ed.

6. The Proper Execution of  Flexibility Exercises by Tom. Thompson M.S.

7. How to Conduct a Proper Cool-Down by Sarah Chung, M.A.

8. Understanding General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS) by Willy Pieter, Ph.D.

9. How to Teach Kicking Safely by Tim Niiler, M.S.

10. How to Teach Self-Defense Safely by Tim Rockford

11. How to Sparring by John Graden

Section IV: Risk Management

20. Crash Course in Law by Scot Conway, Esquire

21. Avoiding Negligence by Scot Conway, Esquire

22. Use and Maintenance of Equipment by Scot Conway, Esquire

23. Proper Use of Student Instructors by Scot Conway, Esquire

24. How to Avoid Sexual Harassment Liability by Scot Conway, Esquire

25. School Layout to Minimize Risk by Scot Conway, Esquire

26. Water for Student Safety by Scot Conway, Esquire

27. Proper Use of Release Forms by Scott Conway, Esquire

Who Is The Instructor Certification Course For?

Anyone Teaching Martial Arts

If you are planning to open a martial arts school or class, this is MUST TRAINING for you.

How to Teach Martial Arts was NOT part of your black belt test.

Martial Arts School Owners

Current martial arts school owners seeking to train their staff in the best practices for teaching.

Show that you care enough about your students to have your staff trained professionally.

Martial Arts Organizations

Martial arts organizations seeking to provide members with the best educational options.

If you run a martial arts organization, you must provide more value than just rank advancement and recognition.

High Profile Praise For

The MATA Instructor Certification Program

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger

“I’m very happy to see martial arts instructors are creating higher educational standards for safety and professionalism. It’s the right idea at the right time.”

Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris lives in the Dallas, TX area. He came to one of the first certification classes and spoke to the class about the importance of the program.

Joe Lewis

Joe Lewis

Not only was Joe Lewis a contributor to the instructor certification manual and course, he flew to Dallas to take the course in person to show his support.

Bill “Superfoot” Wallace

Bill “Superfoot” Wallace

Bill “Superfoot” Wallace attended the inaugural certification in Dallas at the prestigious Cooper Institute of Aerobic Research.

Jhoon Rhee

Jhoon Rhee

“I’m impressed with the certification program that John Graden created. No one has ever done something like this before.”

Dr. Kenneth Cooper

The Cooper Institute of Aerobic Research hosted the course and included it in their course catelog. Dr. Cooper is also the personal physician to the Bush family.

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digital martial arts instructor certificate

The Martial Arts  Instructor Certification Content

How You Can Promote Your Certification

Once you’ve graduated, here are some suggestions for capitalizing on this accomplishment.

  1. Send our press release to your local media. We will write it and include placement on high authority websites as part of your Certification Package. The placements will include high-quality links back to your website and Google Map.
  2. Send us a testimonial and we’ll include your website link in every use of it. This will create authority traffic back to your website.
  3. Post your certificate on your website and social media sites.
  4. Add “MATA Martial Arts Certified Instructor” to your email signature.
  5. Include your certification in your bio.
  6. Include “MATA Martial Arts Certified Instructor” on your letterhead.
  7. Post the certificate on LinkedIn. According to LinkedIn, people who add their certifications to their LinkedIn profile see six times the average number of profile views, as well as getting contacted six times more! 
  8. Do a 60-second or less social media and website video explaining why you did this and what it means for your students and how it elevates you above other local schools.
  9. Incorporate your certification into your presentations. For instance, when someone asks you what you teach, answer with, “Our instructors are certified through the Martial Arts Teachers’ Association to teach “your style.”
  10. Frame and display your certificate in your school. “Duh!”